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Vibusha Hiremath

Vibusha is daughter of Samyukta and Basavaraj Hiremath and elder sister of Anusha. She is an eleventh grader at Wilcox High School, who first found her love for dance at the age of five when she saw a family friend performing on stage. Vibusha joined Vidya Dance Academy when she was 7 and continued her training under the able guidance of Guru Vidyalatha Jeerage since past 10 years . Vibusha loves the rhythmic aspect, nritta of dance. Something else she loves about dance is how she can express herself through the movements.

She has participated in numerous programs and performances  organized by VDA, some of which include VSNA, KKNC, Akka World conference  and Smaran Dance Festival. Vibusha won first place in Maithry Utsav dance competition. In the future, she hopes to better her dancing skills as well as explore different styles of dance.

Aside from dance, Vibusha enjoys performing on stage, competing state level gymnastics, listening to music, painting, hanging out with her friends, and adventurous activities such as cliff jumping, zip lining and rock climbing. Vibusha loves mathematics and she wants to further her career in the field of maths and data analytics

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