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Invite by Nisha's parents Bhanu and Naveen



Dear Friends and Family, 


Welcome to the virtual Arangetram of Nisha Naveen.


We are delighted to invite you all to our daughter’s, Nisha Naveen, arangetram premier on a digital platform. We have been planning this event since 2020 and really wanted to have this performance in person. However, due to the pandemic, we opted for a virtual show. With the blessings from GOD and our elders, we are thrilled to have it premier on Guru Purnima day: a special day honoring all Gurus. 


Guru Smt. Vidyalatha Jeerage and Nisha have put in tireless efforts into pulling this through the pandemic. Vidya has ensured Nisha will get the full experience of doing an arangetram by having her perform without any retakes or pauses while recording. To amplify the arangetram experience, the songs were recorded by the same musicians, who would have come in-person.The videographics were included in post production to enhance your virtual experience.

Please don’t forget to leave your valuable comments after the event!

Thank You, 

Bhanu and Naveen 

Premiere Date and Time: 

USA Premiere

July 23rd , 2021 Friday - 7:00 PM PST


INDIA Premiere

July 24th, 2021 Saturday - 7:30 AM IST


Repeat Telecast 


July 24th. 2021 Saturday - 8:30 AM PST


July 24th, 2021  Saturday - 9:00 PM IST

Bharatanatyam Arangetram/ Rangapravesha

Nisha Naveen 
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