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Studio Performance by VDA students and Selected Guest Artists.

What is Parampara?
Every month one student at VDA will be given an opportunity to perform solo for

about 20 minutes.

Which student qualifies for performance?
Any student that has completed Jathiswaram at least 3 months before the

performance is eligible for Parampara.

How is a performer chosen?
Guru Smt. Vidyalatha Jeerage will draw out a name from the pile of eligible

students and announce the performer for the month.

Who can watch/attend this performance?
All the students and Parents at VDA are highly encouraged to watch this

performance every month. It provides a lot of exposure to what solo

performances are and what a dancer needs to know about it.

When will be the performance?
Usually once a month and it will most likely be the last Saturday of the month.

Information about the performance will be sent out to everyone on the

week of performance.

Where will the performance be?
At the studio - Chinese Performing Arts 6148 Bollinger Rd, San Jose, CA 95129.
Saturdays at 9:00am.


January: Aarthi Gopalkrishna
February: Ramya Palani
March: Medha Bhat
April: Priyanka Rotti
June: Varsha Rao
July: Shantha Rangarajan
August: Nisha Naveen
September: Sruti Elangovan
October: Shalini Balaramagupta
December: Vibhsha Hiremat

January: Lakshmi Raghu
February: Shruthi Seluka
April: Aarya Ayyar
May: Chaitra Sathyanarayana 

June: Samyuka Patill

July: NA

August: Namrita Naveen

September: Nidhi Prakash

October: Prasanna Ramachandran

November: Samanvitha Pathanjali


January: Sharanye Pathanjali

February: Deepa Jayaraman

March: Ammu Sreekumar


Chaitra Sathyanarayana

Priyanka Rotti 

Abhitha Devenanda


Nisha Naveen

Vidusha Hiremath



Sharanye Pattanjali 

Lakshmi Raghu

Shreya Bilgikar

Meghna Shenoy

Samanvitha Pathanjali


Performers List
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