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Chaitra Sathyanarayana

At the age of seven, Chaitra started learning the Indian classical dance form “Bharatanatyam” in India. After moving to the United States, Chaitra continued her practice with the eminent Guru Smt. Vidyalatha Jeerage. She went on to complete her Bharatanatyam Rangapravesha in October 2018 under the guidance of her Guru Smt. Vidyalatha. 


Chaitra’s Rangapravesha performance was held in Jaganmohan Palace, Mysore. Some of the esteemed guests at her Rangapravesham were Guru Dr. Vasundhara Doraswamy, renowned Bharatanayam Guru and Performer. Smt. Vani Sateesh, Renowned Carnatic Vocalist and Performer. Guru Sri. Mysore B Nagaraj, Renowned Kathak Guru and Performer and Senior Art Critic Smt Y.S. Sandhya Sharma. 


While at Vidya Dance Academy, she had the opportunity to be a part of her Guru Smt. Vidyalatha’s performing group “Smaran Performing Arts” and has been a regular since 2012. She has had the opportunity to portray various characters in dance dramas such as “Prahalada Charitham”, “Roopa Viroopa” & “Thandava”. Chaitra has also collaborated with talented artists to perform at popular venues. Some of the notable platforms are:


  • Association of Kannada Kootas in America (AKKA) Conference - 2014

  • Spring India Festival

  • Smaran Dance Festival

  • Spring Charity Ball with Preity Zinta

Through her dance performances she has raised funds for multiple non-profit organizations both in the United States and in India. She has also been part of the main production team for Smaran Dance Festival that is organized every year by her Guru Smt. Vidyalatha Jeerage, which is a platform to promote young talented classical dancers. Chaitra has also been an active volunteer at the non-profit organization, Aram Sei, that supports grassroot charities worldwide. She was part of the organizing committee for a children's dance competition at Aram Sei’s event.

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