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Shravya Manu


Shravya, the beloved daughter of Deepti and Manu and the caring elder sister to Shashank, embarked on her dance journey at the tender age of 4. From a young age, her deep passion for dance was evident, driving her to explore and master various dance styles over the years. In 2018, Shravya's dedication led her to Vidya Dance Academy, where she has had the privilege of studying under the expert guidance of Guru Vidyalatha Jeerge for the past six years. Under Guru Vidyalatha's mentorship, Shravya has honed her skills and developed a profound appreciation for the art of dance.

Throughout her time at Vidya Dance Academy, Shravya has been an active and enthusiastic participant in numerous programs and productions, including the renowned Ksheeramrutha Dance Production for Smaran Performing Arts at KKNC, TVKS, and Parva, while also gracing the stages of events like Remalaya and the San Ramon Culture Fair, proudly representing VDA. Her dedication and talent have shone through in many fundraising events and community performances organized by the academy. These events have provided her with platforms to showcase her dance skills while supporting various charitable causes and engaging with diverse audiences. Shravya's performances have been well-received, highlighting her versatility and commitment to her craft.

Looking ahead, Shravya is determined to continue her journey in Bharatanatyam, aiming to refine her technique and deepen her understanding of this classical dance form. She is also excited to explore and experiment with other dance styles, broadening her artistic horizons and enhancing her versatility as a performer.

Her love for the stage is evident in every performance, whether she is singing or dancing. Shravya's passion for the arts extends beyond dance, as she also enjoys expressing herself through singing, captivating audiences with her vocal talent. Beyond her artistic pursuits, Shravya has a love for literature and often immerses herself in reading and writing. She channels her creativity into crafting stories and essays, honing her writing skills.


Beyond her passion for dance, Shravya is a multifaceted individual with a love for singing, reading, and writing. She actively engages in sports such as soccer and basketball, finding joy and fulfillment in athletic pursuits.


Her dedication to community service shines through her involvement with the Sankara Eye Foundation, where she has played a pivotal role in fundraising efforts, contributing significantly to support pro-bono surgeries for blind patients. Shravya's commitment extends further as she actively participates in fundraising events organized by VDA, leveraging her talent to make a positive impact within her community.

Her internship at Shankara Cancer and Research Hospital ignited her passion for medicine, shaping her aspirations for a future in healthcare.

Recently honored with the Golden State Seal Merit and Highest Honors upon graduating from Dougherty Valley High School, Shravya is poised to pursue Biopsychology at UC Santa Barbara, driven by her ambition to integrate psychology and biology within a pre-medicine framework.

With her unwavering dedication to excellence in both dance and academics, Shravya looks forward to making meaningful contributions to the fields she is passionate about, enriching the lives of others through her talents and compassion.

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