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Ensemble Profile


Mridangam: Vid. Shri. Sanjeev Palamand
Nattuvanga: Guru. Smt. Vidyalatha Jeerage
Singer: Vid. Shruthi Aravindan
Violin: Vid. Shri. Susheela Narasimhan
Flute: Vid. Shri. Tejasvi Chakravarthy
Rhythms: Vid. Shri. Akshara Raghu


Shruthi Aravindan (Singer)


Shruthi Aravindan has studied Carnatic music for over 20 years and has performed multiple full-length concerts and kutcheris in the US and in India. Shruthi has provided vocal support for many dance arangetrams and rangepravesams, in addition to multiple productions and programs.
Shruthi has also pursued Bharathanatyam dance training for over 20 years. She successfully completed her Bharathanatyam arangetram in August 2008 at the age of 10. Since then, she has been an ardent performer, instructor, and budding composer. Shruthi’s expertise in dance, music, and rhythm gives her a unique vantage point to synthesize these multiple disciplines in her creative explorations.
Shruthi currently works as a Senior Systems Engineer at Guardant Health.

Sanjeev Palamand (Mridanga)


Susheela Narasimhan ( Violin)

Susheela Narasimhan.jpg

Tejasvi Chakravarthy (Flute)


Akshara Raghu

Akshara Raghu.jpg

Sanjeev Palamand hails from a family with rich cultural heritage in Bengaluru, India and is a disciple of world renowned musician Vidwan Shri Anoor Ananthakrishna Sharma. He was initiated into the art form by Vidwan Shri Chintalapalli Ashwathnarayan Rao and continues to seek advanced training under Guru Shri Anoor Ananthakrishna Sharma. A regular performer on the Mridanga, Sanjeev is one of the most sought-after musicians and has performed with many eminent artistes at prestigious venues in India and North America. He is also adept with the Konakkol, Khanjira and various other world percussion. As a music composer, Sanjeev has scored for albums, ensembles, live theater and short films.

Mr Narasimhan learnt violin from Sri H.K. Venkatram in Shimoga for about a year and later on from Sri H.K. Narasimha Murthy for about 6-7 years in Mysore. He has played for many concerts in the bay area.  He also teaches violin in the Bay area and has produced good students who are now playing for concerts in the Bay area.  He has composed many Pallavis on Lord Raghavendra Swamy and runs a Melakartha Pallavi Concert Series.  He has also given lecture demonstrations on California Arts Association Television on violin playing.  He has composed many Thillanas ,Pallavis , Jathiswarams and Varnams.  He has a Ph.D in Mechanical Engineering and works as a Senior Lead Thermal Engineer for Nvidia

Tejasvi Chakravarthy, is one of the most sought after flautists around the Portland Northwest and bay area. Tejasvi has accompanied several musicians and has been part of several dance recitals both in the Northwest area and several other cities in the USA and Canada.  After his initial training from Smt Madhura and Shri S.A.Shashidhar, Tejasvi has under-gone advanced training from Shri V.K. Raman who is one of the world’s leading flautists in the Carnatic style. In addition to being  a formally trained flautist, Tejasvi is a self-taught drummer and a saxophone player.
Tejasvi currently works as a Hardware systems Engineer at Meta platforms.

Akshara Raghu is a Drummer and a Percussionist from Bengaluru and has recently moved to the Bay Area. He started learning Mridangam under the tutelage of Vid. Dr. HS Venkatesh and Drums under Sri Babu Sukumar. He is currently getting advanced training from Vid. Sri Anoor Ananthakrishna Sharma and Vid. Arun Kumar. He has completed 8 Grades in Drum Kit from Trinity college of music, London and has performed over 500 live concerts across India in various genres of music such as Carnatic Classical, Fusion, Folk and Film music.

He is currently working as a Solutions Consultant and continues to perform for live concerts, dance arangetrams and recordings in the US.

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